Technical Specifications

PROCELL is an open-celled, flexible polyurethane acoustical foam impregnated with high amount of flame retardants and polymeric bonding materials, offering solutions for non-flammable performance and sound attenuation features.

PROCELL emphasizes it’s following foremost characteristics:

  • Flameproof
  • Density
  • Open-celled structure
  • Thickness
  • Surface variations

Physical Properties

Specification Value Value Value
Density ≥70 Kg/m3 90-100 Kg/m3 100-120 Kg/m3
Thickness From 5 mm to 55 mm in block F From 5 mm to 55 mm in block F From 5 mm to 55 mm in block F
Tensile Strength >75 kpA >75 kpA >70 kpA
Tension Capacity 130% 130% 130%
Thermal Resistance ( short usage ) -30 °C – +130 °C -30 °C – +130 °C -30 °C – +130 °C
Thermal Resistance ( regular usage ) -30 °C – +100 °C -30 °C – +100 °C -30 °C – +100 °C

Fire Performance

Method TS EN ISO 13501-1+A1 BS 476 Part 6&7 NF P 92-501
Fire Classification C-s2-d0 Class 0 M1

Sound Absorption Values

PROCELL Flameproof Acoustical Plain Foam 70 density, 50 mm.

Areas of Application

Acoustic enclosures

Gen-set canopies, Compressor canopies, Blower canopies

Duct lagging (air-ducting & hvac)

Vehicle engine housing linings

Automotive, Engine rooms of yacht & boats; marine industry

Plenum chamber lining for acoustics

Theaters, cinemas, Conference rooms, concert halls, Sport centers, Offices, Production places

Acoustical room lining

Studios, Train wagons, railway industry, Yacht & Boats; marine industry


Packing & Installation


1 m x 2 m as standard or as required


Different lengths according to the thickness

Die cut parts

According to required sizes & shapes


According to required drawings of foam parts, number of different shaped & sized pieces. It gives a great advantage to use the foam parts directly, avoiding additional cuttings or shaping during application. That would also mean zero wastage, better finishing, better insulation & impermeability.

Certificates & Test Reports