PROTAPE® as a elastomeric rubber foam tape has best efficiency for impermeability and preventing heat dissipation on the joints and tight connections of HVAC systems. 

         PROTAPE® is useful for different surfaces, edges, elbows, connections. It is also used for insulation of valves and installations with cross sections, insulation of short pipes and reparation of damaged insulations.

         PROTAPE® is available in any required width as 3 mm thickness.

Thermal Conductivity ƛ (W/m.K) : 0,032 (O °C)
Density   kg/m³ : 45-60  kg/m³
Operating Temparature : -70 °C to  +100 °C
Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance Factor µ : ≥7000
Fire Class  Euro Classe EN 13501-1 : B s3 d0


Desired thickness and are made at the production
3mm 50mm 15MT
3mm 75mm 15MT
3mm 100mm 15MT


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