Our sound insulation foam PROCELL® is a flexible open cell polyurethane foam post treated with high amount of flame retardants, particulate filters and a polymeric bonding agent, which offers a class 0 non flammable fire performance and sound absorbing qualities. PROCELL® emphasizes it's following foremost characteristics:

  • Flameproof
  • Open-cell structure
  • Density
  • Thickness
  • Surface varieties


Sheets.: 1 m x 2 m as standard or as required
Rolls.: Different lengths according to the thickness
Die cut parts

Kits: According to required drawings of foam parts, number of different shaped & sized pieces are packed for a particular usage. It gives a great advantage to use the foam parts directly, without any wastage, avoiding additional cuttings or shaping during application. That would also mean 0 wastage, better finishing, better insulation & impermeability.


PROCELL® can be easily installed on any clean surface (concrete, plaster, wood, metal, plastic, etc) by using:

  • The self adhesive at the back, supporting with Propim Fixing pins 
  • An appropriate solvent based adhesive (Profix® recommended) 

When needed, the sheets and rolls can be cut easily using a sharp blade.

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